Repertoire / Quartet

Georges AperghisBouteille à la mer
for trompete, horn (trombone), percussion, piano/harmonium and actors

John CageCredo in US (1942)
for piano, two percussionists and record player
John CageDouble Music (1941) mit L. Harrison
for four percussionists
John CageFour (6) (1992)
Yoav Chorev

Mulabandha (2013)

for trumpet, trombone, piano, percussion and tape

Sebastian Claren Ich öffne (1998)
for alto flute, accordion, guitar and percussion
Chung Ting PangVocalize the Voicelessness (2013)
for cello, piano, trombone and percussion
Charles IvesFrom the steeples and the mountains (1901)
for trumpet, trombone, percussion and piano
György Kurtág

Selection from Játékok

for trumpet, trombone, piano and percussion arranged by Andrew Digby (2012-13)

Elena Mendoza-LopezContextos (2001) for trombone, cello, percussion and piano11'



Elena Mendoza-Lopez

Fremdkörper/Variationen (2015) 

for Performer, piano, violoncello and percussion 


Olivier Messiaen

Quatuor pour la fin du temps (1940-41)
for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano

Eva Reiter
Alle Verbindungen gelten nur jetzt (2008)
for Paetzold double bass recorder, electric guitar, cello, percussion and tape
Charlotte SeitherWaiting for T (2010)
for trumpet, trombone, percussion and cello 
Timothy Tan

Formicae Mortuae (2013)

for trumpet, trombone, piano and percussion

Stefan WolpeQuartett (1950-4)
for trumpet, tenor saxophone, percussion and piano